The Defiled Cyrpt guide

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The Defiled Cyrpt guide

Post  Guest on Tue Aug 05, 2008 1:07 pm

I just got the The Defiled Cyrpt Quest. Does anyone have a guide for it.


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Re: The Defiled Cyrpt guide

Post  ShadowWolf on Tue Aug 05, 2008 1:59 pm

I can talk about it generally. A more detailed description (along with links to even more detail) can be found here.

There are four zones (corners), each with its own type of monster. For example, the Defiled Niche is all lihces (liches), the Defiled Alcove is all zmobies (zombies), etc.

Each corner has a couple types of base monsters and one boss. You must defeat the boss to "undefile" that corner. The base monsters are around monster level 65 or so which is a little tougher than the monsters in the level 6 quest (Deep Fat Friars, Hey Deze). So if you didn't have much trouble with Hey Deze, you shouldn't have too much trouble with the base monsters.

The bosses are much tougher though, in the ML 85 range. However, each corner has a choice adventure and one of the choices will give you a combat item that will deal a lot of damage to the appropriate boss. For example, in the Defiled Niche you can get a Plus-Sized Phylactery which will deal a bunch of damage to the Gargantulihc, the Defiled Niche's boss. This item will not work on other bosses though I believe it will work on any lihc.

So the basic "walkthrough" is to go to one of the corners and adventure there until you meet the boss, and kill him. Move to another corner and repeat.

Once you defeat all four bosses, and thus undefile all four corners, you need to defeat the bonerdagon (bone dragon) at the top. He's quite tough, ML 100, and he has the annoying ability to neutralize any ability or combat item like the Naughty Sorceress. If you're just swinging at him with a weapon, he won't block that. But spells or combat items can be blocked for no effect.

My first few ascensions - or maybe my first several ascensions, I don't remember - the bonerdagon was too hard for me to beat at the point (level 7 or so) when I'd undefiled the rest of the cyrpt. I remember waiting a while, maybe even until level 9 or so, before I'd go back to finish off the bonerdagon. Now, part of this may have been my n00bishness but I know there's a little bit of respect for the difficulty of the bonerdagon. So keep that in mind, if you have trouble beating him don't fret, it may take some time and buffing up.

The alternative, if you're not in HC or under ronin and are willing to spend some meat, is to buy some buffs for your moxie to get it up to 100 or more and just run at him with a ranged weapon.
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