Bindlestocking farming

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Bindlestocking farming

Post  ketchup monger on Mon Dec 12, 2011 10:44 pm

Edit: This has been nerfed to oblivion with a change to the way critical hits work.

Bindlestockings, a limited time content from crimbo '10, drop a random crimbo themed item on a critical hit. They're 2 handed pole arms, which makes equipment sort of ... awkward. The only thing you really need is a bindlestocking and a few transponders or access to scaling monsters (like at crimbo).

What you need:
A bindlestocking

Eye of Stoat (+0 or +1%)
Hamethyst earring (3x)
extremely skinny jeans

Also, the following combat macro

#trails elephants on the moon
if match "alielephant" && !haseffect 331
skill Transcendent Olfaction

#attacks until a critical hit
while !match "CRITICAL HIT"

#uses fat stacks of cash to wait until cocoabo stops giving meat
while !pastround 9 && !hpbelow 28 ##&& !mpbelow 1
  use 185 #fat stacks

#uses LTS to kill
if hasskill lts
skill lts #you may need to change this to your preferred method of killing stuff.

This works great with the scaling monsters on the moon with a cocoabo type familiar. The scaling monsters will always match your attack with your defense, so you'll either completely miss or do a minimal amount of damage. Critical strikes are different, in that they always hit. The macro above will always wait until a CRITICAL is matched, and will also always wait until round 10 before it tries to kill. As a seal clubber, LTS gives a +30% boost to muscle (for the strike), resulting in a significant amount of damage. As a non-seal clubber it gives a reduced boost. I recommend that you change it whatever skill you normally use to kill stuff, such as weapon of the pasta lord or moxious maneuvers.

A critical hit occurs about 8% of the time, so in 10 rounds, you'll have 1-(1-.08)^10 =56% chance of getting a critical without a modifier, and a 81% chance in 20 rounds. A modifier of 3x gives 24% chance per round, so you boost that to 93% rate in 10 rounds, and 99.5% chance in 20 rounds. You get more bang-for-your buck from the x3 stuff than the +3% stuff, but they stack so use as much as you're comfortable with. I go with Eye of Stout and a Hamethyst earring.

Be warned, Jawbruisers and Fancy chocolates drop rates are frighteningly low. It appears to be a 1/300 or 1/200 rate for each.

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