A rather amusing day

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A rather amusing day

Post  Zagadka on Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:22 am

Although I'm not anywhere near optimal while playing my runs, I did have a rather great day power leveling today. I was able to gain ~65 myst stat points while blasting everything for ~100 points of damage with elementally aligned ravioli shurikens Razz Plus, I was running 40+ML w/ MC, Ur-Kel, and Scarf, which I thought was pretty cool, as I haven't done that before. Overall, I thought this was a rather amusing way to level. Probably over-leveled, but it was fun.

Anyone else have similarly humorous KOL anecdotes?
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Re: A rather amusing day

Post  Foxy Boxy on Wed Nov 04, 2009 11:11 am

Zagadka wrote:Probably over-leveled

Until you hit level 13, is there such a thing?

Zagadka wrote:Anyone else have similarly humorous KOL anecdotes?

Most of mine are RNG-related, of the "laugh at my misfortune" variety. Like yesterday when it took 20+ turns for the cleanly pirate to show up for the last f'c'le piece. Or a couple runs ago when I couldn't get a worthless trinket to save my life from the Sewers on day 1.

I never thought I'd bother perming any of the myst attack spells, but I'm loving having Cannon + Flavor of Magic permed. Even as non-myst, they're great for dealing with the Hidden City spirits/spectre, and it's made running the Hole in the Sky a lot faster as a moxie class when I can't quite out-moxie them mid-level 10. In fact, if I'm in a zone with high level elemental monsters (e.g. the entire level 12 quest) it's pretty darn handy (if a little MP intensive and unnecessary). Instead of 6-8 turns per combat plinking, it's 2-3 turns Cannoning with Spirit of Peppermint.

LOVE the Staff of the Soupbone, the new chefstaff from a couple weeks ago made out of the Bonerdagon rib. I used to make the Staff of the Greasefire, which required a sleaze and a hot nugget to make. It wasn't hard to get them, since I didn't need a chefstaff until level 10 and Olfacting the princess to farm titanium umbrellas one I've got my metallic A from the mechamech is pretty straightforward, but it was two fewer elemental wads for hi mein. No longer!

Muscle runs with a stainless steel shilelagh remain awesome for the mid-game (levels 5-10).

Foxy Boxy
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