Interested in getting to know more about Loathing house

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Interested in getting to know more about Loathing house

Post  butterfl on Wed Oct 22, 2008 1:08 pm


I'm a KOL Hardcore ascender who has played the game since before NS13. I have been a member of a small personal clan for a very long time, but it has gradually gone defunct as the other members have stopped playing KOL. They have been inactive for over a year. As such, I am on the search now to find a KOL Clan where I can get to help other members, where members know each other, help one another, donate to the clan stash, and are able to pull from it temporarily (and return sometimes) to get rare outfits for tattoos etc. I'm currently helping two newbies to KOL, and have discovered I miss that kind of companionship on a greater level and am curious about Hobopolis.

Feel free to check out my profile, butterfly faye. I also have my own store in the mall, The KOL Drop zone - which will be getting new stuff in it as I'm finishing up an accordian thief ascension soon.

~ Faye.


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